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Of course la SHINee ! SHINee ! SHINee ! I'm a forever SHAWOL. *setia pada yang satu beb.


This will be a long essay from me. hope you don't mind. =)
It's really hard to tell why I like them. Every girl around the world can fall in love easily with their cuteness, talent and good manners.
Their type of music can be loved by any race or nationality.
Ever since I started listening to SHINee, I just couldn't keep my ears off of them, I listen to their song every time-everywhere. Before I go to sleep and and after a woke up.

Kim Jonghyun a.k.a Jjong - *Blings
Look isn't he look charming? When I first discover SHINee. My heart was captured by Kim Jonghyun.
He was the main vocalist of SHINee. I was mesmerised when I hear his voice because it was so beautiful.
I love the way he do his hair like that, he always do that and it was cute.
I wish I can switch place with yoogeun in SHINee Hello Baby because Jonghyun kiss him almost every time.
That make me jealous of yoogeun.
Among SHINee, Jonghyun is the one that cries a lot, like almost every award they win he'll cry.

Choi Minho a.k.a Flaming Charisma - *Flames
Guess what, Minho is my type of boy. Seriously, he got the personality of my dream guy.
Minho has the most charisma in the group. He was quiet, deep, and thoughtful.
He also got caring personality like when other SHINee member cries, he is the one comforting his hyungs.
He got large ‘doe eyes’ and the tallest among SHINee members.
Minho was the most athletic one. He is famous by high competitive of himself and never give up.
He was romantic. I really wish that I can switch place with Sulli in 'To The Beautiful You' drama.

Lee Jinki a.k.a Onew - *MVP
Every SHAWOL knows Onew is the leader. He's the funniest member in SHINee, seriously.
His Onew Condition always made me stunned and lolling like crazy. XDD
They also got a song for that Onew condition.
He got a rare talents like Donald Duck's imitation and spinning tea table.
He  is gentle, caring, has a soothingly sweet voice.
He got the name Onew because Onew means soft. His skin is soft & his voice is soft that's why he is called Onew. Sometime he also called dubu (tofu) because tofu is soft.
Onew and chicken can't be separated. haha.
In SHINee, Onew also known as their appa.

Kim Kibum a.k.a Almighty Key - *Locket
Almighty Key can do anything from singing, dancing, water skiing, cooking, drawing, you name it.
He can also handle any style easily, from edgy outfits to half-shaved head and is known for being one of the most fashionable people in Korea.
In SHINee, key has an umma-like personality because he always nags at them and takes care of them like their own 'umma' would do.

Lee Taemin a.k.a Maknae/Taeminnie - Taemint
He is the youngest member of SHINee, that's why he is called maknae(youngest).
When I first know him, I don't actually like him because he look like a weak boy.
But everything change now after I watch their variety show SHINee Yunhanam, he changed from a shy boy to a funny boy. He captures women of all ages with his beautiful looks and irresistible cuteness.
He is a totally dancing machine because he really love dancing.
He is a friendly and very polite person.
In SHINee, Taemin commonly known as adeul(son).

Now you know why I adore them very much.
They totally stole my heart.
They can make me cry easily. I'll cry if I saw them cry.
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