To Jjongie oppa. I know I’m late for your time zone but its better late then never. Even though you hate when people are late. Anyway, 23 years ago a talented little dinosaur child was brought into the world. I am so thankful for the existence of you and SHINee. Without you guys I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Even though he has to work hard everyday to do well and be even more amazing, Jonghyun still has time to goof off and have fin with his friends while doing so :)

Kim Jonghyun. You huge dorky Dino! I love you so much and I’m so proud of you. I remember when I first started liking kpop, I got into kpop kind of late. SHINee was the first group I explored and liked for myself. I became a SHAWOL automatically. I fell head over heels in love with SHINee. I remember when I first saw Jonghyun. I loved his smile, his voice, his sexy smirk, everything about him. Although I didn't really saw him in real life. I only get to see him through videos in youtube. Then I saw Hello Baby and I fell in love again with this big dorky Jonghyun. His smile is so beautiful and his eyes are just pretty. His personality and kindness is why are you so far away in korea…this sucks :( lol well anyways I love SHINee’s songs and I truly believe they are soooo talented despite what other people say. Jonghyun's power vocals, Onew's extremely easy to distinguish voice, Key's raspy voice, Minho's rap, and Taemin's angel voice all come together into one melody and I melt. You are not some rookie group SM created for the sake of having a new group since they didn't have one in a while. Those rumours, true or not, don’t even matter anymore. Even if SHINee was created for the sake of having a new group THEY TURNED THE SITUATION AROUND. They surprised SM with these amazing popular results. I am so proud of Kim Jonghyun, the guy who chased after his dreams. I am so proud of SHINee. Kim Jonghyun is a guy that can make me smile with his smile no matter what. Just once look at a GIFs of your adorable aegyo on my phone makes me happy. I’m glad you got back up on your feet again whenever you got depressed. It sucks that I’m so much younger than you and I’ll probably never get the chance meet you but I’ll always be cheering you on. I’ll always be a SHAWOL and a blinger. Kim Jonghyun isn’t just a guy you can forget after all ;)
You’re our powerhouse vocalist, our bling bling, our cute tiger, our crybaby, and a giving, happy, funny, outgoing person. That’s exactly why I’ve been a blinger since the day I first listened to "Noona Neomo Yeppo." I hope your injury heals quick so you can play with us Shawols and YooGeun. We know your heart is in the right place, no matter what happens in your private life. And yes, this is the reality we’ve been waiting for.

While my family and neighbours are busy with their own work, I’m holding my own birthday party for Jonghyun in my head.


You’ll probably never see this, but its okay. Happy wishes to Jonghyunnie oppa on his birthday, and get well soon so that we can you with other member back on stage! Jonghyun hwaiting!

PIC SPAMMING TIME ! HAHA~ [ I don't care if u hate it. lol ]


I bet if Jonghyunnie oppa read all wishes from SHAWOL, he'll be like this :

I don't know why everytime I see him cry like that, I'll cry also.. Haih~