SHINee is a Korean-Pop contemporary boy group who are widely loved by many.
SHINee is such a beloved performance group and they so popular with an incredible number of proud fans everywhere all around the world.

Tak sangka diorang ni dapat banyak pencalonan.

SHINee Nomination List :
Golden Disk Awards
Sherlock for Disk Bonsang
SHINee for the Popularity Award

 Korea Culture Entertainment Awards
SHINee for Best Male Vocalist - currently rank number 1

Seoul Music Awards
Sherlock for the Bonsang Award
SHINee for the Popularity Award

Minho for Best Idol Actor

SBS MTV Best of The Best
SHINee for Best Group Male
 SHINee for Best Cameo

KBS K-Pop Square
SHINee for The Best Kpop Star of The Year

Allkpop Awards
SHINee for Best Boy Band
SHINee World for Greatest Fans

Eat Your Kimchi Awards
SHINee for Best Dance - currently rank number 1
SHINee for Best Male Group - currently rank number 3

Huh! Banyak kan?
Sejak beberapa hari ni kite online dok menggagahkan diri untuk vote SHINee sebab tarikh tutup untuk vote pown dah tak lama lagi.
Walaupun kecewa sikit kerana tak dapat vote semua sebab takde Korean Social Security IDs.

Although I can't vote for some awards, I still do my part as a fans in my own way.
Really hope that they can win many award because they deserve it for their hard work.