Bismillah~ Fuh fuh!
Guess who's back. Look who's back. Haha I'm back! Risen from the goddamn grave. After previous entry on February, I've been disappeared and come back again with new skin. Yey! Tahniah Nabila, kau memang tak reti duduk diam.

Well well well, bukan salah saya tak ada idea nak update blog dan bukan salah saya juga tangan tak boleh berhenti godek koding. Ngeh! Well, things have been so damn crazy and I meeded some time to sort through all of my thoughts and ofcourse I'm lazy af hahaa

Okay, so for the past few months or so I've been busy with internship and yeah it's suck when others get to 'enjoy' their 5 months semester break while I can't. Internship life is okay, the poeples there were super nice and we (internship students) always get to eat free food everytime they have like some events and all. I don't have to think about transportation tho since I live in asrama and it's just like 2 songs away, I mean since I listen to songs everyday when I walk to office. Of course there's new friends like Natasha, Miza and Safwan that always been helping a lot in this and that.

And guess what? I changed the skins again mwehehe. Nothing much has been changed from the previous one tho, just a lil clean than before but I'm frustrated that the mp3 in the circle at the top didn't work haih. One major thing that changed in this blog is the link! Yea from https://natasya-pink.blogspot.my/ to https://kanashiyoru.blogspot.my/. The old link kinda not suit me anymore so I decided to change. I admit that I started to miss the old one since I've use it since 2011. Well some changes won't kill so it's okay. And as always the template won't stay long before I get bored and change it again.

Semester baru dah mula dan alhamdulillah sekarang ni dah semester akhir insyaAllah *yey satu tumbukan padu di udara* Tak ada apa yang istimewa sangat kecuali subjek subjek yang agak 'hardcore' sebab lecturer pun hardcore teruk macam network security dengan datacomm and ada juga yang seronok macam kelas web dan visual programming. Oh ya Nabila dah masuk semester akhir tapi sekali pun tak pernah cerita pasal belajar dekat mana apa semua lepastu buat alasan tak ada idea nak update blog en en haha mungkin lain kali atau mungkin tunggu habis diploma baru nak cerita atau mungkin lepas entry ni terus senyap balik? Ceh macam lah ada orang nak baca xD

Since all these classes doesn't seem to giving me any kind of life but robotic study-sleep-study one ok tipu but this blog forever gonna be in sort of semi-hiatus until I have the feel to update it heheh