Goodbye 2017

Wow it's already that time of the year where we all review all the things happen throughout this whole year and come out with new year resolution. 2017, quite a tough year I might say.

March 2017
The month where I'm no longer a teen. Can't believe though that I'm already 20 years young but I'm still childish at heart. A quite challenging month with tough final projects for ENT300, ITS332 and CSC248.

April 2017
Final exams start and finish my semester 4 diploma. Wuhuu

May 2017 - August 2017
This when my life start to get boring. While other people enjoy their 5 month of semester break, I have to go for my internship, [Intern Entry Here]. Our internship duration was longer than previous batch because of UiTM 5 month semester break. But overall it was okay.

September 2017
New semester start and I'm finally in my last semester of diploma, insyaallah.

November 2017
For the first time in my diploma life I go out with my friends to Melaka. Well maybe this is not something that would amaze other people because meh it's just Melaka, but it is for me because I don't really have the chance to go out, it's only between home and college. Eventhough we go only for a day, it is quite an experience for me. Thankyou for bringing me out from my cave.

December 2017
This month is quite hard for me. The pressure of last semester with all those tough final projects and tests quizzes date collapse with other subjects really stressed me out. What makes me more heartbreak is the sudden death of Jonghyun. Yes I'm a kpoper, you can bash me all you want but I'm really sad losing him because the group that make me start look into kpop is SHINee and ofcourse Jonghyun is my ultimate bias. Since the day he died, whenever I saw people post photo or video of him I'd cry. I only cry though, I'm not like those kids who go lighting a candle to send him off. Oh ya there this funny story after I received the news of Jonghyuns death, one of my friend asked me "Nabila bila pula nak bunuh diri?". Imagine you are sad of losing someone and suddenly people ask you that, haha I can only laugh. But it's okay, I'm fine now.

Life must go on.

Right now I'm prepring for my final exams which start on January 4th, wish me luck!