So today I wanna share with you guys an online game I find interesting to play. Pretentious Game is a small platform game about love with heartouch storyline and surprise ending. This simple game deliver powerful message behind it. I don't want to spoil the story to you and yeah you can click on the title or image to go to the website and play. :)


Pretentious Game :
This series is about a one who are willing to do anything for the one he love. The risks he take for love.....and yet.

Pretentious Game 2 :
The second series is about a one who are trying to move on. But sometimes, life has this sick sense of humor. *insert the face of shock*

Pretentious Game 3 :
The third series is telling few stories. The red cube side, the pink cube side, the gray cube side and the blue cube side.

Did you play it? How is it? Did you get your heart hit like I do? Well, this is what we called life.