How To Access Blocked Website

Have you ever experience not being able to access the website that you frequently use and it annoys you? If you are someone who often downloads movies or dramas from the internet, you must be familiar with this site called Subscene right? Recently I haven't been able to access Subscene and I thought there was a problem with my internet, however scrolling through Twitter, many people said that the website has been blocked by the government. I tried to access using VPN on my phone and it works fine but it kinda feels troublesome to download on the phone and then transfer it to the laptop.

Later I found this tweet and thought if there is a way to block a website, then there must be a way to unblock a website right? So I went on a journey to find the way to unblock Subscene and I found it.

Now, here's how;
1. Search "Unblock Site" on Google and there will be plenty of links you can use.
     **I use the first link -
2. At the homepage, insert the link to the blocked site.
3. Done!

How To Access Blocked Website - Kanashiyoru

But guys, please remember to use this kind of website at your own risk.

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